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What is Flashcard Learner?

Flashcard Learner is a flashcard software based on the scientific principle of spaced repetitions. It adapts to how you learn and predicts when you will forget. Flashcard Learner allows you to learn things as fast as possible and guarantees that you will never forget them again.

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How can it help me?

Remember everything you learn. Flashcard Learner provides you with the framework for most efficient learning. It guides you through the learning and repetition process and guarantees you full recall of all the knowledge you learn.

How does it work?

Flashcard Learner is based on the Spaced Repetition Method, which ensures that you will never forget any piece of information, which you enter into the database. Flashcard Learner is adaptive and adjusts exactly to your learning patterns, so that you never repeat more than absolutely necessary.

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Flashcard Learner will provide you with extensive statistical information, which will help you track your progress. Flashcard Learner supports Unicode, sounds, images, internet image search, text to speech, translations and many more. See the full list of features here.

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Flashcard Learner comes with a number of learning modes. All of them have a functional and intuitive interface, which can be adjusted to your taste. See some screenshots of Flashcard Learner in action.

The smart way to learn

Manage study lists easily. Get an overview over what you know. Learn and repeat with the least effort. Become smarter fast.

The fastest way to learn

Use spaced repetitions. Save countless hours of time. Reap optimal profits from your efforts. Flashcard Learner guarantees you never to forget again. Remember everything.

See your progress

Get detailed statistics. Track your progress. Know exactly how you perform. See how you improve your skills and knowledge.

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